Coachly | Online Booking for Coaches and Trainers
Beautiful, Powerful Scheduling software to book lessons for Coaches worldwide.
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Coachly lets your customers book appointments with you and your staff online, 24/7. Giving your golfers easier access to scheduling your next lesson, will improve your customer’s experience and fill your calendar!


GolfProBooker was made to grow with your business, whether you do private lessons as a side business… or full time! GolfProBooker will streamline your scheduling regardless of your size.


GolfProBooker automates many of the tasks required to book your appointments and fill your calendar… including email confirmations, SMS Text reminders, reviews and more.

Online Booking 24/7  for Customers and Staff • Customize Availability for Staff • Automated Scheduling Tasks (Text Reminders)
First, Embed the Calendar App Into Your Website

We will supply super simple HTML code that can be copied and pasted into your site. If you don’t know how, we will do it for you!

Next, Your Customers Schedule Online With the Beautiful App Overlay

Your customers can now book appointments from your website 24/7 on your beautiful iframe scheduling app. We remove all of our branding too! Here is an example on our Contact Us page.

Next, Add a Link to Every Staff Email Signature

Typically, the company admin will add an email to the company booking page, and the staff members will each add a link to their email signature that allows the customer to see only the staff’s scheduling page. Here is an example: Schedule a Call With Our Team!

Custom Staff Settings

Each staff member can customize availability and services they offer. They can also add a link to their email signature for direct booking on their staff calendar.

Business settings

Add your logo, contact info, and business details.

Create services

You can create an unlimited number of services based on expertise, location, staffing and more.

Custom start times for each service

Decide what times each service can start. You can choose “automatic” (schedule anytime) or “custom” which allows you to determine start times. Examples: Set your coffee meetings to only 10am and 2pm. Or New Client appointments only on Mon and Wed at 4pm.

Automation rules

When should SMS Text Reminders be sent? 1 hour in advance? Or 24? You decide! Do you want reviews? How far in advance can appointments be made. What currency do you use… finalize your settings to make sure Bookafy automates your scheduling exactly the way you need it to!


Bookafy can sync with many of your favorite apps including Google 2 way sync, Mail Chimp, Quickbooks, Outlook and many more.

Match your brand

Lastly. Customize the colors of your calendar to match your brand. You can pick a color from the color picker, or use your HTML color code for an exact match. You can embed the calendar in your page or link to the site we created for you at

Automate. Grow.

Now you are ready! Fill your calendar, manage your staff. Automate everything! Bookafy will free up your time to do what you love most and grow your business.

Get stated with a 14 day premium trial. No credit card required.